Dieffenbachia Camille Care Guide
dieffenbachia camille care guide

Dieffenbachia Camille Care Guide

Dieffenbachia Camille (‘Dumb Cane’) is a bright, showy plant whose variegations adds nice variety to its home. Because these plant babes do well in lower or filtered bright light, they can do well in offices where they have enough space to spread out.


As with most plants, Dieffenbachia like to have their soil moist, but not saturated. Water when the top inch is dry, which you can find out by using a moisture meter or poking your finger into the dirt up to your first knuckle.

Light and humidity

Dieffenbachia need to be rotated regularly (a good rule is to rotate 90 degrees every time you water for even light). Most do well in lower light, but it may prevent from more growth. Aim for indirect light for best results. They will get a bit sunburned, especially in spring and summer, on their new leaves from too much direct light.

Soil and fertilizer

Keep the Dieffenbachia in clean, well-draining soil. Since they prefer to be slightly moist, it is imperative that the soil drains well, otherwise it can lead to root rot. Fertilize in spring and summer.

Cleaning and pruning

Clean the leaves of your Dieffenbachia with a soft, damp cloth to rid it of dirt and dust. Sometimes the bottom leaves of Dieffenbachia trend toward browning, but you can just cut the brown leaves off.


You can separate a piece of the Dieffenbachia from the main plant and place in its own container.


Dieffenbachia are slow growers and won’t need to be repotted more than every 2-3 years. Repotting is best when done during the spring or summer.


One super important note: Dieffenbachia is both toxic to humans AND pets, and eating/chewing on the leaves can cause swelling of the tongue and throat – which could lead to suffocation. Please do not put it anywhere a precocious child or pet could get at it!

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