2021 Philodendron Care Guide
general philodendron care guide

2021 Philodendron Care Guide

New 2021 Philodendron Care Guide!

With their long tendrils and beautiful heart-shaped leaves, Philodendron plants are recognizable from a half mile away. Its lush appearance and fresh growth make the Philodendron a popular choice for plant parents. Not to mention the fact that they are shockingly simple to care for – making them a perfect gift for any plant lover or new plant parent!


Philodendron are very tolerant plants, and they handle dryness very well. This means that if you forget to water them for a two or three weeks, they will be just fine! Water when the top two inches are dry, which you can figure out by using a moisture meter or poking your finger into the dirt up to your first knuckle. Make sure to empty the drainage tray as well, so it is not left sitting in water. A moisture meter is your friend if you are unsure of when or how to water.


philodendron brasil

Light and humidity

Like we said above, philodendron are very tolerant plants, so they can handle a little bit of abuse every now and then…For most varieties, medium or indirect light is preferable. If they are variegated and not getting enough light, they will gradually lose the variegation until proper light is restored (so if you have a philodendron Brasil, make sure it is getting brighter indirect light!).

Soil and fertilizer

Keep the Philodendron in clean, well-draining soil. Since they prefer to be slightly on the dry side, it is imperative that the soil drains well, otherwise it can lead to root rot. Make sure to empty the drainage tray as well, so it is not left sitting in water. Philodendron can be fertilized in the spring through the fall, but not during the winter, which is their dormant period.

Cleaning and pruning

Clean the leaves of your Philodendron by gently wiping it with water and a soft cloth. Pruning encourages new growth and you will want to trim it during the growing season to keep it tidy and encourage more growth. Simply use clean, sharp scissors to cut the stems to the appropriate length. If you are trimming a vining philodendron, read on to find out how to propagate the cuttings!

philodendron lickety split


Much like pothos, philodendrons are extremely easy to propagate. They shoot out aerial roots, which you can use as a guide when cutting and placing pieces into water. Make sure to use clean, sharp scissors and change out the water every 3-4 days so it doesn’t get nasty. Once roots are suitably developed (usually a month or so), you can transfer them into dirt.


Philodendron don’t need to be repotted frequently, so look to increase their space only every 18 months or so. Try to repot during the spring or summer, during their growing season. You can tell it needs to be repotted when water start running straight through it when you water – this means that it is rootbound and there is very little dirt left. Gently extract the plant from its current container and then put it in one 1-3” larger in diameter. Add more dirt, and you are set!


Philodendron are simple to grow indoors, whether or not you have a green thumb! And they look fantastic on top of bookshelves and kitchen cabinets, which is always an added bonus. They need medium-bright indirect light and occasional pruning to keep them growing strong. Philodendron is also toxic to pets, so keep them out of the reach of your furry friends! They look especially gorgeous draping over the edge of a bookshelf or kitchen cabinet, if you need design ideas. Check out this quick video for ideas!

Good philodendrons to start with: philodendron Brasil, philodendron lickety split, or philodendron birkin.

philodendron birkin

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Virginia Haack
Virginia Haack
1 year ago

Love my order thank you Was not sure if my plant would survive as it was left in the lobby instead f at my door I am not able to get out so my poor plant sat 3 days until I could get some one to bring it to me I only lost 2 sm leaves because it was packed so well I love it

Margaret Thomas
Margaret Thomas
1 year ago

I was really delighted when my new plant came. It had one yellow bottom leaf that I snipped off but otherwise packing was great. Lost a little dirt so I refilled and sat her in her spot. Can’t wait to see her start growing 🤗

Catherine Wozny
Catherine Wozny
1 year ago

Received my cute string of dolphins plant today. It was in great shape! I am in love with it. So darn cute, just as pictured. Looks very healthy.

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