The Best Houseplant for Your Enneagram Type
houseplants for your enneagram type

The Best Houseplant for Your Enneagram Type

Know Your Enneagram Type? Get Ready to Meet Your New Favorite Houseplant…

The enneagram is a world-famous and highly lauded personality test. If you don’t know your type, check out the Enneagram Institute’s test! Then head back over here to find the houseplant for your enneagram type, or for your bff!

houseplants for your enneagram type                    

TYPE ONE: The Reformer

Type Ones, known for their perfectionist tendencies, will benefit from caring for a rubber tree. Their thick, waxy leaves look pristine and require occasional dustings. In addition, they purify the air, meaning these plants are both attractive AND helpful. 

TYPE TWO: The Helper

Type Twos usually spend their time caring for others, so they need a plant that will care for them in return. The gold dust croton requires frequent misting, making it the perfect plant for Twos to practice mindfulness. 

TYPE THREE: The Achiever

Type Threes are textbook overachievers, so the striking calathea rattlesnake is a perfect match for them. They require a little extra attention, but when done correctly, their crinkly spotted leaves will make them stand out in a crowd.

TYPE FOUR: The Individualist

Artistic and unique Type Fours need a plant that matches their style, and there is none better than the bromeliad medusa energy. The eye-catching coloring of these blooms will appeal to any Four’s artsy side!

TYPE FIVE: The Investigator

The core desire of a Type Five is to be competent and dependable, and the snake plant moonshine is just that. With its striking light green color and unique leaf shape, it also appeals to those 5 wing 4s who want something a little bolder!  

houseplants on dresser

TYPE SIX: The Loyalist

Sixes love dependable, hearty plants. Look no further than the golden pothos, which grows strong and adds a cozy touch to any living space. Plus they purify the air!

TYPE SEVEN: The Enthusiast

Sevens are known for their enthusiasm – hence their nickname “The Enthusiast” – so they need plants that can tolerate being left when a Seven goes jaunting off on a spur-of-the-moment trip. The graft cactus succulent has minimal requirements for water, these plants are low maintenance and good for any Seven!

TYPE EIGHT: The Challenger

Type Eights like to be in charge –  and the hypoestes combo ‘polka dot’ are the same way! Keep them misted and happy with regular watering to imitate their native home of Madacasgar! 

TYPE NINE: The Peacemaker

Type Nines need a strong, sturdy plant that will encourage relaxation and promote well-being. Money trees, with their recognizable foliage and notoriety for being a plant that brings abundance, are perfect for a Nine looking to add to their collection.                                     

Now that you have the houseplant for your enneagram type, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@cellardplants) for more fun content!

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1 year ago

There is no plant suggested for 7. Unless it’s called The enthusiast. ?????

Bev Lawrence
Bev Lawrence
1 year ago

i think I fall into the 7 category…please give some examples for me, please

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