How to Welcome Your New Houseplant
how to welcome your new houseplant

How to Welcome Your New Houseplant

Here are some tips to help your plant make a smooth transition:

  1. Carefully take your plant out of the box and remove the brown paper packaging. Be extra careful when removing the rubber bands.
  2. Don’t worry if your plant looks thirsty and even a little frazzled after its trip, this is common. Any dead or broken leaves or branches can be removed with pruning shears or sharp scissors and will not harm your plant. If your plant has white water marks on its leaves, these can be gently removed with a warm, wet towel. If your plant was severely damaged beyond repair during transit, reach out to us at [email protected] so we can help.
  3. If the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry when your plant arrives, water your plant. Then continue with proper watering care for your specific species of plant. You can reference our care guides for information about watering. It doesn’t hurt to give your plants a good misting as they are used to humid conditions in the greenhouse!
  4. Place your plant near a window so it receives indirect sun. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid shocking your new friend. After the first day, you can place your plant in the recommended level of sunlight. You can reference our care guides for information about what light your new plant needs.
  5. Start planning for re-potting your new plant. We recommend re-potting 2-3 weeks after your plant’s arrival. Check out our re-potting guide for more information.
  6. Enjoy your new companion! 🙂

Once again, some shock from shipping is normal and common. Green house life was a lot different for your plant, so we would recommend you give it a week or two to acclimate to it’s new home.You can also reference our plant care guides for giving your plant some extra love. More often than not, plants adjust to their new home and thrive! If you have concerns about your plant that are not covered in its care guide, or if your plant does not seem to be surviving the transition after two weeks of careful care, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] for guidance. We are here to help!

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1 year ago

Need help with my ponytail plant. Tips turning brown and one section has died. Pls help

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