2021 New Fall Plant Care Guide for Beginners
pumpkins and lanterns on front porch

2021 New Fall Plant Care Guide for Beginners

It is officially fall – which means that for many areas of the US, it is getting colder. Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice is officially mixed into any baked good/drink/sandwich, and it is getting darker earlier!

If you put your plants outdoors for the spring and summer, it may be time to start moving them back inside!

Why Does Plant Care Change with the Seasons?

As a general rule, plants are more active during the spring and summer. They grow faster and put out more leaves or blooms than they do the rest of the year. This is because their own biological “clocks” know that it is the growing season.

However, fall and winter change their needs. in general, this means that weekly or daily care tasks can be cut back substantially. Because the plants are not growing as much or as fast, they do not need as much water. With resources like humidity and light becoming more scarce for them, they put less and less energy into growing and instead reserve their energy for other processes.

Follow the rest of this guide for more on how to properly care for your plants during this season.

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Watering is the most challenging part of Birkin care. Underwatering results in the plant wilting, and the contrary can cause root rot. Based on our experience, we recommend watering your plants every 7-10 days during their growing period. However, in the fall and winter, it is best to take it week by week. Too much water when the plants are not needing it can result in root rot. A moisture meter can help if you are unsure.

When watering, consider that the plant needs roughly half of the water it did during the summer months.

pumpkins and lanterns on front porch

Lighting and Humidity

Light obviously becomes more scarce the further into the fall and winter we get, so you may need to invest in some indoor grow lights.

To keep humidity levels up, group your plants together indoors. If necessary, you can also add a humidifier to your plant rooms to keep them happy.

Philodendron Birkin Humidity Needs

The tropical plant does well in high humidity environments. During the winter, when the air is dry, try to artificially raise the humidity by misting the plant or grouping it with other plants.

If you have plants on your front or back porch, you will need to move them inside once the temperature starts dropping below 55°F. Most houseplants cannot survive at temperatures lower than that, so they will suffer damage if they are left exposed.

If you’re loving the tropical paradise inside your home this winter, make sure to check out: 10 Plants to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Paradise

fall leaves close up

Cleaning and Pruning

Fall and winter are a great time to focus on keeping your plants clean and happy! If you are spending more time indoors during these seasons, dust will accumulate faster inside your home. It is important to keep your plants’ leaves clean so they are able to properly engage in photosynthesis.

For a video on cleaning your plants, click here!

Seasonal Transition Care Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful time of year, from the crisp weather (for those of us in the northern US!) to the seasonal drinks and snacks, but it is important to be ready with new care for our plants. With proper care and attention, your plants will handle the cooler months with minimal issues!

fall trees and leaves

Plant Care with Cellar Door Plants

Cellar Door Plants aims to help bring nature into your home. We feel like people nowadays are more distant from nature than ever before. How can we protect the earth with so much distance from everything living around us? While we are based in Seattle, Washington, our greenhouse is located in San Marcos, California.

We are avid plant lovers so every plant sold is packaged and protected with care to guide it to your home safely. We have a wide selection of houseplants with care requirements ranging from easy-to-care-for home additions for beginners to more complicated varieties that require a more experienced grower.

If you’re not sure which plant is for you, check out our Mystery Plant Subscription Box and you can have a different 4″ indoor plant delivered to your front door every month. This subscription box is perfect for plant lovers who have a hard time deciding on just one!

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