Pilea Peperomioideas “Chinese Money”
pilea peperomioideas chinese money

Pilea Peperomioideas “Chinese Money”

Pilea Peperomioides Care Guide

Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, Pilea Peperomioides are a great plant for anyone, from beginner to expert. With its distinctive rounded leaves, the Pilea Peperomioides is instantly recognizable. Its deep green leaves have a 70’s charm that adds a hint of funkiness to any room! Plus, it is non-toxic to pets, so you know your furry friends are safe around it (but always watch out for any gastrointestinal upset if ingested by a child or pet!).


Water your Pilea weekly. However, allow the soil to dry out before each watering because they do not like sitting in wet soil. Test the soil moisture level by sticking one finger into the pot, about 2 inches down. If the soil is dry and doesn’t stick to your finger, it is time to water!

Light and humidity

Pilea prefer bright, indirect light – but they can also do well in lower light, so it is great for a home. A steady temperature of between 55° and 85°F does great for the Pilea Peperomioides. It does not need any additional humidity and can do well in a dry home.

Soil and fertilizer

Provide your Pilea Peperomioides with regular potting mix and quality fertilizer to get the best growth. Fertilize according to the container’s instructions, but do so only spring through fall – winter is the Pilea’s dormant period.

Cleaning and pruning

Your Pilea will occasionally drop a leaf, but don’t worry. Keep the pot clear of any dead leaves and remove the dead leaves at the stem. As it continues to grow you will need to start trimming some of the leaves and stems.


Pilea need to be propagated with roots. As your plant grows, it will send out new shoots. Once leaves sprout, you can dig out the baby Pilea and repot it on its own.


When the plant starts outgrowing its pot, it’s time to upsize! The Pilea generally only needs to be repotted every 12-18 months. Choose a pot that is 1-2” larger in diameter than its old home to allow for additional growth. If you don’t want to grow the plant further, trim it back to maintain the shape and repot with fresh soil.


This Chinese native plant has unique characteristics that seem to complement its surrounding space perfectly. Place it on a desk, table, nightstand and it will instantly liven up the room! It also makes a great host or hostess gift, as the Pilea is known to be a symbol of wealth and abundance.

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WAnda Ciochetto
WAnda Ciochetto
1 year ago

I just received one of these I ordered that is mounted. It’s very dry and wilted and several of the leaf edges are brown. Do I spray it or soak it? I was surprised that there were no care instructions with it.

Dorothy Cote
Dorothy Cote
1 year ago

I also recieved this plant mounted on a board, no care instructions, only if in a pot. What should I do?

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