A Beginner’s Guide to Plants and Crystals: June 2021
sage and crystals

A Beginner’s Guide to Plants and Crystals: June 2021

Using Crystals in Your Houseplants – How & Why?

Known for their beauty and beloved for the ancient wisdom that touts crystals as having healing and energy-uplifting properties, crystals have long been used around the world. Pairing crystals and plants is even thought to increase abundance and help with plant health.

This blog is going to give you a few ideas for what to do with your crystals and plants!

plants and crystals

Put them in the top of your planters!

Yes, you CAN put your crystals in plants to increase vibrations. Just note that dirt and water will eventually decrease the shine of the stones themselves, so keep that in mind when submerging them in soil. Try using clear quartz and aventurine to promote health!

Add beauty to your display

Even if you are not a regular crystal consumer, adding beautiful objects around your staged plants adds a fun aesthetic to your home. This author likes to display raw crystals on her bookshelf and desk for the eye-catching flash they provide.

Repot plants and add crystals

When repotting a plant, you can place a crystal in the bottom of the new planter, cover with soil, and plant as usual. Just remember to clean and sanitize the crystals if moving crystals from plant to plant to minimize any cross-contamination that may occur.

amethyst crystal

Plants and crystals – how to pair:

  • Clear quartz and rose quartz – helps to promote growth and healing
  • Flourite – pairs well with succulents
  • Amethyst – much like quartz, helps to promote growth and healing
  • Aventurine – helps to release old things to bring new growth
  • Agate/moss agate – brings a connection to the earth and helps to ground
  • Moonstone – use it to promote fertility and health
  • Tiger’s eye – use it to help with root growth and strength

While nothing can replace good ol’ fashioned proper plant care and management, crystals can be a fun way to increase the look and health of your plant babes! If you have specific plant care questions, don’t sleep on our collection of care guides!

For more information on using plants and crystals to alleviate stress and create abundance, check this blog out! And for those of you working your outdoor garden, this is a great resource.

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11 months ago

I also love using green calcite for health, peace and connection with nature spirits.

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