Polka Dot Begonia Care Guide
polka dot begonia care guide

Polka Dot Begonia Care Guide

Polka Dot Begonias, known scientifically as Begonia maculata, are one of the most instantly recognizable houseplants around. Not only are they super trendy, they are incredibly unique and spice up any space. This isn’t just any slightly fuzzy houseplant – with its distinctive angel wing-shaped leaves, bright spots, and dark red/purple underside, nobody can say no to a Begonia!


Give this Begonia a drink whenever the surface of the soil feels dry and is dry the top 2-4”. They are native to the Brazilian rainforests, but don’t like having their whole pot damp! They are prone to root rot if excess water is left in their trays, so be sure to empty it when you water. They also hate having their leaves be left damp, which means no directly misting the plant (unless you want powdery mildew, which we are pretty sure you do not).

Light and humidity

Bright, indirect light will be your best friend when caring for a Polka Dot Begonia. Being rainforest plants, they enjoy a little extra humidity. Keep an eye out for small, white flowers that grow when the plant is kept happy!

Soil and fertilizer

Well-draining soil is perfect for the Begonia, and you can fertilizer when you water during the spring and summer with the houseplant fertilizer of your choice.

Cleaning and pruning

Since these grow quickly, you may need to trim it to help it fit your space (they can grow up to 2’ tal!). Pruning it will also encourage healthy growth. Occasionally you may need to stake the plant if it starts to topple from the weight.


Begonia maculata is a fast-growing plant, so you make see fit to take small pieces off the main plant and put them in other pots.


Repot this Begonia when water begins to drain quickly through the pot and into the tray – this means that there is little dirt and the water is running through the roots too fast!


A perfect tropical beauty for the most inexperienced to the greenest of thumbs, the Polka Dot Begonia will be a stand-out plant for your living space! These plants are not pet-friendly, so keep them out of reach of furry mouths.

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