Products Plant Parents MUST HAVE in 2021
products plant parents must have in 2021

Products Plant Parents MUST HAVE in 2021

With 2021 around the corner, it is time to look ahead to all the things you need to keep your indoor jungle growing strong through the new year. Check out this handy list to keep you playing your plant A-game!

  • A subscription box! Every month, you will receive a different 4” indoor plant every month! The plants in this subscription box will arrive in a 4″ diameter nursery pot. Subscribers also get access to exclusive perks and discounts!
  • A moisture meter. Never worry about over or under-watering your plants again! This baby even works without batteries, so as soon as you get it out of the box you can start measuring your plants’ moisture levels.
  • A plant mister. Is your fiddle leaf fig giving you issues? Maybe you live in an arid climate and your tropical plants aren’t as vibrant as they could be? A plant mister will help you add humidity to your plants’ environment – and looks downright stylish to boot!
  • A watering squeeze bottle. If you are struggling to water your succulents without getting water all over their sensitive leaves, this is the perfect plant accessory. The bent nose allows you to reach the base of the plant’s stem much easier than a regular watering can. It is also great for watering terrariums and small plants!
  • Propagating Plants Book. How long do your seedlings need to germinate? What makes a healthy stem cutting? How do you know what type of rootstock to use when grafting plants? With more than 1,800 detailed illustrations and photos to refer to, find out the answer to these questions and more, and discover the plant experts’ secrets to perfect plant propagation that anyone can follow.
  • What’s Wrong With My Houseplant? Book. Struggling with your houseplant and not sure where to turn? This book offers a variety of solutions to all your burning plant questions! Develop your green thumb in no time! This hardworking guide includes plant profiles for 148 plants organized by type with visual keys to the most of common problems, and the related organic solutions that will lead to a healthy plant.

Don’t forget to tag us in your plant photos on Instagram @cellardplants and use #CellarDoorPlants so we can see your gorgeous babes! Happy houseplanting!

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