Nettle 'Baby's Tear'


Make your indoor garden come alive with the addition of our Nettle Baby’s Tear house plant. This moss-like plant grows vibrant, rounded, green leaves. Once fully mature this plant can really take over. Its full foliage, rich colors, and the exotic appeal is sure to liven up the atmosphere around it beautifully. You can make the Nettle Baby a hanging plant or place it by a window with indirect lighting.


  • A quick-growing plant that requires little water to completely flourish - water only enough to keep it from totally drying out
  • The Nettle Baby prefers bright indirect lighting to really thrive
  • Requires little soil to grow properly! You can go without giving it fertilizer but if you want quicker results a light feeding would suffice
  • Keep the Nettle Baby in a pot with little soil and a more shallow surface
  • This is a non-toxic plant for pets and children

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