Fairy Castle Cactus


The Fairy Castle Cactus is native to south, north, and central America and can reach as far as 6 feet tall! The stems on fairy castle cactus plants are five-sided with fluffy looking spines along each plane. As the Fairy Castle Cactus naturally ages you’ll see it start to turn brown slightly which is completely natural. Your Cactus will come in a 4" pot.


  • This plant loves the sun and requires a well-draining potting soil for it to truly blossom.
  • Place the Fairy Castle Cactus in a bright sunny location that is away from drafts or air conditioning as this could prove damaging in the future.
  • When you water, water until the liquid comes out of the drainage holes and then allow the soil to completely dry out before the next cycle.
  • No need to give the Cactus fertilizer as a cactus mix would do great.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

Make your home stand out with the Fairy Castle Cactus and order yours online today!

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