Lifesaver Cactus


Introduce a touch of Southern and East Africa charm to your abode with the Lifesaver Cactus! This perennial succulent is a true desert classic. They’re hard to source so attaining one is always something to be proud of. There are numerous species of the Lifesaver Cactus but this one, in particular, is well known for its striking flowers. The star-shaped flowers bud from the tips of the Lifesaver Cactus. 


  • These cactuses grow naturally under the leaves of other plants so placing them in a spot with constant light but never overexposure to direct light is good.
  • Use a mix of quality cactus potting mix and desert sand for the roots to grow.
  • A sensible watering schedule is key to caring for the Lifesaver Cactus. As with most cactus, the plant is prone to rot if it is too wet, but it does need supplemental water during its growing season.
  • Like with most cactus, a good potting mix will suffice without the need for added nutrients.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

Introduce a dessert charm to your home with the Lifesaver Cactus and order yours online today!

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