Arabica Coffee Plant


Looking for a new houseplant to add to the family? Well, you can’t say no to the Arabica Coffee Plant! The Arabica Coffee Plant is one of the sturdiest and highest quality coffee plants of its species. It’s beginner-friendly and grows glossy, elliptical-shaped leaves with a prominent dark green tone. Beautiful white flowers bloom in clusters from the Arabica Coffee plant and provide a scent of light Jasmine. If the plant is grown large enough it will produce beautiful cherries, the seeds inside the cherries turn out to be coffee beans! If you have the Arabica Coffee plant for long enough, you might be able to save money on your Starbucks coffee addiction :)


  • Prefers bright but indirect light to really flourish. Place it near a window but not in direct sun.
  • Water when the soil is mostly dry. Don’t water till it's soggy as this could damage the roots.
  • Mild temperatures from 70° - 85° work great for the Arabic Coffee Plant.
  • Prefers quality soil mix and a less humid environment to grow its lovely flowers.
  • This plant is toxic to pets and children

Dress your living interior with our Arabica Coffee Plant and order yours online today!

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