Nematanthus Black Goldfish Plant


With its shiny green leaves and vibrant orange open pouch flowers, this delicate Black Goldfish Plant is one that always cheers up its surrounding space! Give it bright filtered or indirect light and watch it thrive. With some rich soil, peat moss, and a constant watering regimen, the Black Goldfish Plant does wonders for you when taken care of well. Now you can prepare your indoor garden with the Black Goldfish Plant spearheading the movement in some cute botanical overload!


  • This plant thrives in bright filtered or indirect light
  • The Black Goldfish Plant prefers a constant watering cycle with little dry soil. During the winter you can let it dry out a little more between watering periods.
  • Goldfish plants do well in warm indoor temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees F.
  • Add in peat moss to the Black Goldfish Plant to ensure its best growth.
  • The Black Goldfish Plant is non-toxic to pets
Make your living interior stand out with one of our Black Goldfish Plants and order yours online today!

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