Blue Chalk Stick Succulent

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The South African Blue Chalk Stick Succulent is an easy to care for plant with beautiful blue foliage. The blue fleshy leaves will produce beautiful white flowers during the summer months. This plant is drought tolerant and can go for longer periods without water. In it's natural environment the Blue Chalk Stick plant receives a lot of sunlight, so this plant loves to be in a sunny place that gets direct light. Your succulent will arrive in a 4" nursery pot. 


  • Place your Blue Chalk Stick plant in a souther facing windows that receives a good amount of sun 
  • You can soak this plant every 3-4 weeks. Make sure not to over water this plant and only water when the soil is completely dry 
  • Place this plant in well draining potting soil in a pot with good drainage holes 
  • This plant is toxic to pets

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