Bromeliad 'Fireball'


Just as striking as a shooting star, the Bromeliad “Fireball” is scorching with vibrant beauty you’re sure to love! It’s known for its ability to multiply quickly and overwhelm your eyes with its striking red hue. This beautiful tropical plant never disappoints and represents the best of what mother nature has to offer! Give it the humidity it desires and she’ll reward you with lush red colors all year round.


  • East to west exposure to natural light will give the Bromeliad “Fireball” everything it needs to flourish.
  • The Bromeliad “Fireball” is unique in that it has urns in the center which hold water for it to grow. Fill these urns about ¼ full and rewater it in about 1 week. 
  • Its native roots to the subtropics require it to retain high levels of humidity to keep it healthy. Usually around 60-80%.
  • Spray fertilizer on the Bromeliad “Fireball” from week to week as it naturally collects nutrients from other leaves that fall above 

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