Bromeliad 'Donna'


Electrify your home with the charming addition of our Bromeliad Donna house plant! Yes, those colors are real! This Bromeliad is known for its vibrant hot pink center that’s surrounded by a deep green tone. Of all the varieties of Bromeliad, Donna knows how to make an entrance. It’s a perennial evergreen and makes your home look elegant as can be! The Bromeliad Donna is very easy to care for and is even pet friendly. 

Your plant will come in a 4" pot.


  • Give the Bromeliad Donna bright indirect lighting and do avoid bright direct sunlight at all costs!
  • Provide your Bromeliad a light misting from time to time to keep her healthy and entertained. Fill the urn in the center of the Bromeliad with water once a week.
  • Because bromeliads rarely have extensive root systems, relatively small pots are adequate for most plants.
  • The ideal temperature for the Bromeliad Donna is around 70°F - 80°F
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets!

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