Bromeliad Vriesea 'Splenriet'


You won’t find another plant as easy to grow and as exotic as the Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet! Also known as the “Flaming Sword” plant, the Bromeliad grows a long center flower vibrant in red and flaming with grace. Its surrounding foliage is a watermelon-like pattern with clear stripes running down from top to bottom. You can neglect it lightly and it will continue its amazing beautiful growth naturally. You can place this one in the home or office and no one will get tired of looking at it when they pass by.


  • Locate the flaming sword houseplant in bright, indirect light indoors
  • Soil should be no more than slightly moist and never allowed to completely dry out.
  • Water the Flaming Sword minimally and be sure not to sake the soil.
  • Around 60-80°F usually does great with the Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets if consumed

Add some vibrant foliage to your home with the Bromeliad Vriesea Splenriet and order yours online today!

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