Calathea 'Dottie'


The Calathea “Dottie” has deep green & purples leaves with bright pink markings. The leaves of the Dottie will fold up slightly when it starts to get dark, which makes for a beautiful show throughout the day. The Calathea isn't typically a plant for new plant parents. They can sometimes be finicky and prefer filtered water, medium-bright indirect light, and regular waterings. The Calathea "Dottie" will make a bold statement in any room of the house. Your Calathea "Dottie" will come in a 4" pot. 


  • The Calathea "Dottie" will do best in a bright location with mostly indirect light.
  • Calathea like moderately moist soil but will rot when too much moisture is present. You should water your Calathea once and week and let the top inch or so dry-out before watering again. 
  • Its native home is humid so get your misters ready to spray them down every few days.
  • Around 60-80°F is a great temperature for any Calathea. 
  • Non-toxic, pet-friendly!

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