Calathea 'Grey Star'


The Calathea 'Grey Star', like all Calatheas is characterized by its gorgeous leaves. The silver and green leaves contrast beautifully with the deep purple underside. The Calathea isn't typically a plant for new plant parents. They can sometimes be finicky and prefer filtered water, medium-bright indirect light, and regular waterings. Although this plant can be a little bit of a drama queen, it makes the perfect addition to any home. Your Grey Star will arrive in a 6" nursery pot. 


  • The Calathea 'Grey Star' will do best in a bright location with mostly indirect light.
  • Calathea like moderately moist soil but will rot when too much moisture is present. You should water your Calathea once and week and let the top inch or so dry-out before watering again. 
  • Its native home is humid so get your misters ready to spray them down every few days.
  • Around 60-80°F is a great temperature for any Calathea. 
  • Non-toxic, pet-friendly!

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