Calathea Ornata


Calatheas are from the family Marantaceae and are naturally found in low lit jungles under shaded trees. These vibrant plants usually have wide and colorful green leaves in order to help them absorb as much light as they can possibly get. Their leaves also fold up at night to conserve energy and spread back out during the day. Since they are naturally found in shaded conditions, these little guys are perfect for low-lit rooms and offices that need a touch of brightness! 

    Care Tips

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    How to take care of your Calathea Ornata


    Be careful when watering your Calathea. They love moist soil, however, too much water can drown them. Water your Calathea when they have about 1-2 inches of dry soil, and make sure to use room temperature distilled or purified water.


    Calathea plants prefer to grow in shaded rooms with medium-indirect light


    Make sure to mist your calathea often as they thrive in humidity!


    Calatheas are non-toxic to pets

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