Nemetanthus Candy Corn Plant


 Introduce a poignant touch of botanical fashion to your home with the Nematanthus Candy Corn Plant “Brazilian Firecracker”! This beautiful vine plant is native to South America and has garnered the name “Brazilian Firecracker” due to its ability to sustain heat and produce bright colored flowers that pop! The flowers that grow are a combination of orange, red, and yellow with a tubular shape resembling candy corn anyone with a sweet tooth will love. This plant will arrive in a 4" nursery pot. 


  • Nematanthus Candy Corn Plants can be grown in full sun or partial shade when planted indoors or out.
  • In the spring the Candy Corn Plant likes moisture evenly distributed so there's never any dry patches. During the fall and winter a watering once a month will do her just fine.
  • The Candy Corn Plant is a tropical child that loves humidity 60-80%.
  • You can use standard potting soil and fertilizer to keep the Candy Corn Plant in great condition all year round.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets!

Add some colorful charm to your home with the Nematanthus Candy Corn Plant “Brazilian Firecracker” and order yours online today!

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