Chinese Evergreen 'Cutlass' Plant


The Chinese Evergreen “Cutlass” is one of the easiest house plants to grow. You’ll be welcomed to the sight of stunning long, lance-shaped leaves that form a densely packed plant you can place in any room. Its extended olive-green leaves blossom narrowly creating a floral bouquet effect that looks absolutely beautiful! Your Chinese Evergreen Cutlass will come in a 6" pot.


  • The Chinese Evergreen “Cutlass” prefers areas of low light so try avoiding window sills that come in direct contact with the sun.
  • Water occasionally and let moisture evaporate slightly before watering next.
  • Provide the Chinese Evergreen with a regular potting mix and peat moss for great growth.
  • Around 60-80°F usually does great with the Cutlass.
  • Toxic to pets

Bring some green charm to your living space with the Chinese Evergreen “Cutlass” and order yours online today!

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