Christmas Tree Bundles (FREE Shipping)

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Tis the season! Add holiday cheer to any space with this miniature version of the Christmas classic. Perfect for your home, office or as a unique gift. This bundle includes one of our mini Christmas trees, an ornament bag, and a short terra cotta planter. Bring your family together for a little holiday fun by planting and decorating your tree. Alternately, when the holiday is over, you can plant your tree outside and let it grow!

What is included?

Christmas Trees: Each tree is approximately 12-15 inches tall and will arrive in a 4 inch nursery pot. Be sure to check out our guides for planting or repotting after the Christmas season to help your new friend grow strong till next Christmas!

Ornament Bag: This handpicked collection includes 4 shatterproof bulb ornaments, 4 burlap ornaments and a set of warm white fairy string lights. 

Short Terra Cotta Planter: This short terra cotta planter is the perfect size for the Christmas trees. It comes with a drainage hole to prevent overwatering and a saucer to prevent any mess. 


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