Coconut Coir Potting Medium


This coconut coir soil-less aroid potting mix is the perfect blend of ingredients for potted indoor houseplants of all species. This premium potting medium retains moisture and goes well with all of our houseplants.


  1. Your blend arrives pre-moistened. For maximum moisture absorption, soak your tropical blend in distilled water for at least an hour.
  2. Wring out excess water to the liking of your plant and pot as usual.
  3. Once your blend is dry to your liking, water similarly to semi-hydroponic via the shower or soak method.
  4. Shower your plant under water to rewet or soak in until it has absorbed necessary moisture.
  5. Fertilize when necessary.
Coconut husk, Perlite, and other horticultural grade ingredients.

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