Syngonium Strawberry

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 Revered for its beautiful foliage, the Syngonium Strawberry always delights its surrounding space. Light pink tones gloss over the large heart-shaped leaves that shoot from the stems providing your home a little splash of color. You can place this plant near a window or an office that receives minor to indirect lighting. The Syngonium Strawberry never disappoints and we’re sure you’ll love the romance it gives off wherever you place it!


  • Bright to indirect light always does best with the Syngonium Strawberry plant so near a window in your living room would be great.
  • Water these plants regularly and be sure the soil is completely dry before the next!
  • Provide a medium humid environment and an occasional light misting from time to time.
  • This plant is toxic so be sure to keep your furry friends away from it.

Dress your home in charming fashion with the Syngonium Strawberry and order yours online today!

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