Croton Petra


The Croton Petra Plant puts in overtime to clean your air and produce stunning colors for you to appreciate! A vibrant combination of red, yellow, orange, and green make the Croton Petra an abundant source of joy for any living interior. These colorful plants love direct sunlight and grow lush leaves when watered consistently. You can even take these plants outdoors if you want and they’ll handle it just fine.


  • The Croton Petra Plant is one that doesn’t shy away from sunlight. Place them in direct light and watch them thrive! You can even transport them from indoors to outside seamlessly. 
  • Regular potting mix with a top layer of sand and peat moss will suffice the Croton Petra Plant for optimal growth.
  • Give the Croton Petra a consistent watering as it prefers moist soil to feed its vibrant foliage.
  • It can tolerate warmer temperatures from 60-75°.

Make your living interior standout with the Croton Petra Plant and order yours online today! 

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