Croton 'Sunny Star'

Croton plants produce intense colors. There are many croton varieties with an array of many leaf shapes and they make excellent additions to a patio, deck or terrace as planted or as potted specimens. Indoors the croton needs lots of light to keep their color. Your croton will arrive in a 4 inch pot. 
The Croton plant is a robust plant with colorful leaves. You can spot red and yellow spots throughout the leaves in Croton Plants. These plants can mature to large indoor house plants if properly cared for.

This perennial evergreen shrub is native to India and Malaysia. The plant has thick leaves and beautiful yellow accents. 


  • Crotons needs a lot of light, so place your plant near a window.
  • Since your croton is accustomed to a humid climate, mist the leaves once a week
  • Keep the soil moist, but make sure you don't overwater
  • The Croton is toxic to pets

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