Dracaena 'Craigii' Fully Grown


The Dracaena Craigii is one any level gardener can handle. It’s highly adaptable to its environment and easy to care for. You can ignore the Dracaena Craigii for weeks and they won’t be bothered one bit. They can live in low light conditions and require very little water to fully sprout. It's basically a beginner’s dream come true and it doesn’t sacrifice any beauty whatsoever! Dracaena Craigii is loved for its fun shape and African roots!

This giant plant will arrive in a 9-10" nursery pot and will be 3 to 4 feet tall! The price includes the cost of shipping.


  • A very resilient plant that requires little light so placing it in the shadows of your home won’t harm her one bit.
  • Give her water sparingly once a week at best and she’ll reward you nicely.
  • It requires moderate, even moisture and good soil drainage. It cannot tolerate standing water.
  • Around 65-80°F usually does great with the Dracaena Craigii.
  • This plant is toxic to pets if consumed

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