Dracaena Malaika


Make this tropical Dracaena Malaika plant your new go-to for better air quality and eye-catching decor! This plant was named Dracaena, which in Greek translates to “female dragon”, as these plants are known to produce a red resin along the stem. The leaves that spread are thin with yellow edges that give it a true topical appeal that looks great in any spot in the house that receives indirect light. These plants are also excellent air purifiers. 


  • Give the leaves an occasional misting from time to time.
  • You won’t have to water the Dracaena Malaika plant too often as it prefers high humidity 
  • Place the Dracaena Malaika plant in a spot with indirect lighting and avoid bright locations as direct light can damage the leaves.
  • No need for adding nutrients, it will do well in quality potting mix.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

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