Dracaena Tornado


Make a statement in your home with the Dracaena Tornado! The feather-shaped leaves sprout from the main stalk that spin and twist for a dramatic effect. The colors are a light forest green with yellow crinkled edges, like most tropical plants, but with its own appeal. This Dracaena Tornado Plant makes a great addition to any modern themed home looking to spice up their interior decor!


  • The only thing you need to worry about is direct light! This plant is very versatile and can thrive in bright, indirect shaded areas of the house.
  • Water whenever you see the top 1” of soil dry out but do water thoroughly and ensure proper drainage is applied.
  • Apply a weak dose of fertilizer and once or twice a month during the growing season.
  • This plant produces a toxic resin that can be dangerous to animals.

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