Dracaena 'Warneckii White Jewel'


The Dracaena White Jewel is an absolute showstopper any plant parent can love! Leaves rise from the main stalk and droop with elegance while beautiful white stripes detail the green tones magically. Its large size and theatrical display of flair and exuberance are what make it a popular choice for any home. Place it in an equally stunning planter and in a room with indirect bright lighting to watch it flourish!


  • The Dracaena White Jewel can tolerate low light but thrives in medium, indirect light. Direct, bright sunlight should be avoided to ensure the leaves don’t burn.
  • Water when the top inch of soil has dried out and be sure it's fluoride-free water.
  • Does well at room temperature between 60°F - 77°F. Cold temperatures should be avoided and water sparingly in the winter.
  • You can get away without fertilizing the plant as a good soil mix will have it growing healthy.
  • This plant is toxic to pets
Spice up your living space with the Dracaena White Jewel and order yours online today!

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