English Ivy 'Heart'


It doesn’t take long before you fall in love with the English Ivy Heart! With its tall stalks and large heart-shaped leaves, the English Ivy always enchants its surrounding space with all the charm in the world. The lush foliage doesn’t shy away from attention as its dark green color with lush appearance always introduces some light fun to any room.


  • The English Ivy Heart thrives in medium light, but will also do well in bright light. While you can grow ivies in low light indoors, they won’t like it and won’t last as long.
  • Water occasionally and every time you see the top 1 inch dry in the potting soil. 
  • This vigorous plant requires little feeding. A small feeding in early spring is about all that's needed, and in ideal conditions, even this is unnecessary.
  • Outdoors, English ivy does best in moderate conditions, protected from both harsh winter winds and excessive heat of summer.
  • This plant is toxic to pets if consumed

Give your living space an accent of vibrant foliage with the English Ivy Heart and order yours online today!

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