English Ivy 'Kolibre'


The amazing versatility and lovely yellow-tinted hues have made the English Ivy “Kolibre” a popular option for gardeners of all levels. You’ll be welcomed to the incredibly graceful colored foliage that grows from this vines plant. With tints of yellow and light green tones, the English Ivy always makes homeowners feel at peace. You can water it lightly and place it in indirect sunlight to make it flourish!


  • Prefers medium to bright filtered or indirect light but will tolerate low light levels. 
  • Water thoroughly then let the top one inch of soil get dry before watering again.
  • A standard well-draining potting mix works well.
  • Around 50-80°F usually does great with the English Ivy “Kolibre”.

Dress your living space with the English Ivy “Kolibre” and order yours online today!

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