Ficus Elastica Burgundy 'Rubber Plant'


Add some dramatic green height to your living room or office with the Ficus Rubber Plant! Give this Ficus some vertical space because she sure loves growing tall. The leaves are a rubbery texture and have a lovely gloss to them that looks too good to be real, but it is! Large rounded leaves spring out of the stems with space in between that gives it a full tropical charm when it reaches maturity. No matter where you place the Ficus Rubber Plant it will certainly be the new focal point of any room!


  • The Ficus Rubber Plant doesn’t like to sit in water so be sure to get a well-drained potting mix and pot.
  • Rubber plants like bright light and a lot of it, but not direct sunlight as this can tarnish the vibrancy of the leaves.
  • During the summer you should keep the soil moist and occasionally mist the leaves to add more humidity to them.
  • You will have to get ready for pruning as the Ficus loves vertical growth and intense branching out when not fully cared for.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

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