Golden Pothos Cuttings (5 Pack)


Pothos plants make the perfect plant for propagating. They are super easy to grow, excellent air purifier, and they grow fast! With this, you will receive 5 pothos cuttings from which you can propagate your own pothos plants! 

Please note, these pothos cuttings do not come rooted or in a nursery pot. You will have to root them yourself! If you are looking to propagate your own pothos, this is the perfect place to start!

 You can you our pothos propagation guide linked here to learn more about how to propagate your cuttings!

    Care Tips

    Being a plant parent can be hard...luckily we are here to help you every step of the way!

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    How to take care of your Golden Pothos Cuttings (5 Pack)


    The species can be overwatered really easily, so water once to twice a week. Let the soil dry out completely in between waterings.


    Pothos Plants prefer bright, indirect sunlight, but can tolerate low light as well. Avoid keeping your pothos in direct sunlight. 


    Keep your pothos in environment where the temperature does not drop below 50 F. They will do best at room temperature (65 to 75F).

    Potting Tips

    Pothos thrive in all types of soil. You can even take a cutting from a mother plant and root it in water or soil. The cutting can thrive as another houseplant!


    Keep pothos away from children and pets as they are toxic if consumed


    Click read more to learn how to propagate your pothos cuttings

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