Hoya Obovata

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The Hoya Obovata is a great indoor vine plant that we guarantee you’ll never get tired of! This long-lasting companion is a true delight and is sure to be a favorite in your indoor garden. Round luscious oval leaves grown from extended tendrils that shoot out dramatically. The leaves are speckled with white and light pink dots on a rubber looking surface for a show-stopping look. This plant makes a great hanging addition to any outdoor patio or alongside a trellis to let its leaves fully extend and flowers blossom when the time is right!


  • The Hoya Obovata is incredibly drought tolerant and requires a weekly watering every time the soil goes dry.
  • Hoya obovata likes a very well-drained potting mixed to let its roots fully extend. Add perlite to a succulent potting mix to see the best results.
  • You’ll need to feed the Hoya Obovata plant with sufficient liquid nutrients to see its leaves fully healthy and vibrant all year. 
  • Provide bright indirect light and do avoid darker conditions as this plant will need a brighter and more humid environment to survive.
  • This plant is pet-friendly 

Detail your home with the tropical beauty Hoya Obovata and order yours online today!

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