Hypoestes Combo 'Polka Dot'

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The Hypoestes Combo Polka Dot will brighten up any space with its unique foliage! This plant is characterized by its bright pink base and contrasting green spots. These plants are native to Madagascar and prefer a warm & humid climate. The Hypoestes Combo Polka Dot plant will look perfect as a centerpiece or on a side table near a window. 


  • To ensure the foliage stays colorful and vibrant, provide bright, indirect light
  • Water occasionally when you see the top ½” dry up but be sure to not overwater as the leaves will turn yellow and lose all their color.
  • Feed once a month with organic fertilizer as this plant will require the nutrients to maintain its natural beauty.
  • A humid environment is required to see the Hypoestes Combo Polka Dot plant really pop. Give the leaves a misting a few times a week.
  • Non-toxic to pets

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