Kalanchoe Succulent 'Panda Plant'


The Kalanchoe Succulent also known as the Panda Plant or Chocolate solider is native to Madagascar. This velvety succulent has green foliage with spotted brown tips. This plant is sometimes referred to as the "Cat Ear" plant due to its soft leaves. The Kalanchoe is in the family of succulents, so it loves bright light and doesn't need to be watered frequently. These easy to care for plants are the perfect addition to a sunny windowsill. Your Kalanchoe Succulent will arrive in a 4" nursery pot.


  • The Kalanchoe loves a mix of bright light and shade. So keep it in an area that receive a lot of sun for part of the day. 
  • Water this plant once the soil becomes completely dry. Give it a good soak, but make sure there isn't residual water hanging out on the bottom.
  • This plant prefers temperatures of 60-75 degrees and normal room humidity 
  • Since this is a succulent, use succulent/cacti soil when repotting your plant 
  • This plant is mildly toxic to pets
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