Lipstick Plant


The Lipstick Plant is prized for its beyond interesting flowers and incredibly shiny foliage. Bright red tube flowers bud out from the Lipstick Plant which gives it the name “Lipstick”. Like miniature tubes of “Lipstick” all around this green beauty, this is one plant you’ll never get tired of looking at. It’s a tropical native plant that loves putting on a vibrant display of color for you. Keep it near a bright window and they’ll be dancing for you all day! This plant will arrive in a 4" nursery pot.


  • Loves bright indirect light, so be sure to keep it near a window
  • Don’t overwater the Lipstick Plant, but give it about 2-3 waterings a week
  • It is a tropical plant so be sure to give it the humidity it needs, about 40-60%
  • Around 70-85°F usually does great with the Lipstick Plant
  • This plant is non-toxic to animals

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