Peperomia Frost


There really is no plant that quite compares to the Peperomia Frost. With incredibly stunning white frosted leaves and underlying dark green veins, this plant is one your guests will spot in an instant. The stems are tall and thin with rounded leaves at the end that creates a nice bushy look when fully grown. As long as you provide medium to indirect lighting and a moderate watering schedule, the Peperomia Frost will soon develop spiked flowers that only add to its charm! This plant will arrive in a 6" pot.


  • Give the Peperomia Frost Plant medium to indirect lighting and do best to keep it out of direct light as this can damage the frosted effect.
  • Water the plant at least once a week when you see the top 2” dry.
  • No need to frequently give the Peperomia Frost fertilizer as a good soil mix will have it growing sufficiently.
  • You can replant the Peperomia Frost with a single leaf as they’re hardy plants that don't take much to survive.
  • These plants are non-toxic to pets


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