Peperomia Glabella

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Every home can use a touch of greenery for added charm and the Peperomia Glabella has always been a great option. The foliage that grows is an oval shape and can be light green to dark green depending on light levels. The stems are a pink to red color which can also change based on the level of light you provide the plant. Wherever you place the Peperomia Glabella, you’ll be adding a little tropical style that never gets old. Your Peperomia Glabella will arrive in a 6" nursery pot.


  • With evergreen foliage like this there isn’t much to do in terms of fertilizing so a well-mixed potting soil will do great.
  • You can water the Peperomia Glabella once a week, just make sure it dries out between waterings.
  • Place this plant in a spot that receives bright shade and indirect lighting.
  • Use a well-drained potting soil so the roots don’t get damaged.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets

Detail your home with this tropical Peperomia Glabella and order yours online today!

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