Peperomia Green Bean


Spice up your living interior with this decorative succulent! This Peru native Peperomia Green Bean succulent grows long string bean-like leaves in a beautiful bright green that always adds charm to a room or office. Also known as the “Happy Bean” this cute succulent doesn’t need much light like other species to grow its lime green-tinted leaves!


  • Keep the Peperomia Green Bean in shaded light and never direct sunlight for optimal growth.
  • Water moderately in the summer when it's hottest and cut back during the winter to once a week.
  • Requires very little fertilizer to fully develop as this plant does well with quality potting mix.
  • The ideal temperature range for this species of pepper family is 65° – 75° degrees.
  • This plant is non-toxic to pets and children

Make your home stand out with our Peperomia Green Bean and order yours online today!

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