Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf


If you were looking for the most beginner-friendly plant to begin your green journey with then the Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf should be at the top of your list. This lovely long vine plant is a rare species to find and comes from Brazil near Rio De Janeiro. Known as the plant that’s harder to kill than keep alive! You’ll have tons of fun decorating your home with the bushy vine Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf as it can be hung from a basket or placed alongside a window with shaded light.


  • This plant thrives in bright indirect light, but you can place it in low light conditions and get away with it guilt-free.  
  • Use either water or soil to pot the Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf in as it can grow in both.
  • If you use soil, water when you see half of the soil go dry before deciding to water again. You can also give the plant a light mist from time to time for added humidity.
  • There won’t really be a need for fertilizer as the plant can go without it for several months as a good potting soil should be sufficient.
  • This plant is toxic to pets and kids

Make your living space shine with the Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf and order yours online today!

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