Philodendron Velvet


Give your indoor space a boost in decorative foliage with the rare Philodendron Velvet Plant. This long vine plant grows beautiful velvet-like textured leaves that appear as light bronze with bright green tints. When new leaves start to pop up they will be more pink and purple but slowly settle to a more matured color that’s completely elegant. Proper care for this plant does include any annual pruning when the vines get too long.  


  • Partial sun or shade will do the Philodendron Velvet Plant just fine. This plant prefers bright indirect light, but will do fine in low-light conditions.
  • Water when the top 1-2 inches of the plant soil is dry. 
  • Maintain temperatures inside your home above 60° degrees at all times.
  • This plant does prefer a high humidity environment above 50% for optimal growth. 
  • Pruning will be required later on!
  • This plant is toxic to pets

Decorate your living interior with our Philodendron Velvet Plant and order yours online today!

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