Pothos 'Silver Splash'


If you’re looking for a more unique vine plant to detail a window or outdoor patio with then the Pothos Silver Splash Plant is a must. Its large heart-shaped leaves grow with splashes of white around that make it a distinguished vine, any level of grower can manage. No green thumb required for this charmer, just leave it in indirect sunlight with a sparingly watering cycle and she’ll grow just fine.


  • Bright indirect light definitely works best for this lovely vine plant.
  • You can allow the Pothos Silver Splash Plant to go dry mostly before watering again. Try not to overwater as this can cause major root damage.
  • Use a well-drained soil for the Pothos so water doesn’t collect.
  • These plants are toxic so keep away from hungry pets at all times.
  • This plant is toxic to pets
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