Snake Plant Starfish


The Snake Plant Starfish is an incredibly rewarding option that requires little work! Seriously, give it water sparingly with any lighting and it will produce colorful leaves that brighten up your space beautifully. You can leave for a vacation and come back to your plants standing tall and full of color. Its resilient nature makes it a favorite with many beginner gardeners or home decorators. 


  • Only water the Snake Plant Starfish when you see the soil completely dry, usually, once every few weeks and they’ll stay up and active.
  • The Snake Plant Starfish thrives with indirect sunlight in locations not overexposed to the sun.
  • Temperatures from 55 - 85 degrees seem to work best with the Snake Plant Starfish.
  • Be sure not to overwater the Snake Plants as they require the bare minimum to thrive. 

Liven up your living interior with our Snake Plant Starfish and order yours online today!

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