Snake Plant Starlight


 If you’re looking for a lovely large succulent to decorate your home with then the Snake Plant Starlight will never let you down. It grows a large “tongue” like leaves colored in light olive green and darker green details scattered throughout. The leaves are large and grow like a blooming flower with a stunning appeal when fully mature. They’re the perfect size to place in a bedroom, living room, or outdoor patio!


  • Only water when you see the top one inch of soil dry. Be sure not to overwater this gentle grower.
  • You can use a regular potting mix and spread succulent plant food in sparingly overtime.
  • Keep humidity around 40% for optimal growth.
  • Around 60-75°F usually does great with the Snake Plant Starlight.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

Elevate your interiors appeal with the Snake Plant Starlight and order yours online today! 

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