Snake Plant Zeylanica

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The Snake Plant Zeylanica is apart of the resilient Snake Plant family. Scientifically known a Sansevieria Trifasciata, the snake plant is one of the toughest houseplants. They are popularly known for their hardy nature – can maintain their strappy leaves and architectural shape even under total negligence. They are native to West African tropical forests. Lovers of the plant keep them for their air purification benefits. Though they are not soft, 'touchy-feely' kind of plants, they have beautiful markings and uniquely shaped leaves. The Snake Plant Zeylanica has beautiful spear like leaves with deep dark tiger like markings. This plant will standout in any room and be the perfect addition to any space. 


  • Your Snake Plant does best in bright indirect light, but will do fine in low-medium light conditions
  • Water your Snake Plant when the soil had dried out completely (usually 7-10  days)
  • Make sure your Snake Plant has a pot with a good drainage hole
  • Snake Plants like temperatures of 65-80 degrees
  • This plant is toxic to pets

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