String of Dolphins Succulent

$11.95 $12.95

You won’t find another succulent with leaves like the String of Dolphins. As you guessed it, the leaves on this gorgeous frosted succulent look very similar to the shape of dolphins which give it a distinct appeal. It’s crescent-shaped iridescent leaves always leave heads turning especially when you have this succulent in a hanging pot where all its beauty can naturally cascade down! Your String of Dolphins will come in a 4" nursery pot. 


  • A well-drained potting soil with a sand mix will do great with this String of Dolphins Succulent.
  • Dolphin Plants require a little less sunlight than most succulents 
  • This succulent is drought tolerant but be sure to fully soak the soil with each watering
  • No need to feed the String of Dolphins extra nutrients as a constant watering routine with bright sunlight will do the trick.
  • This plant is toxic to pets

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